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by ALEX TERZAKIS from 1992 until now.


The sound of MILCHREIZ leads first to a neglected brain and food reaction straight to the dance floor!

This often results in the increased leakage of fluid, because the body does not know how to stop.

The thereby initiated milk flow finally and stops only, when all parts of the body go limp and the brain

is about to collapse!


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Music for your advanced HOME COMPUTER.


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This was the first music project by ALEX TERZAKIS.
It starts in 1992 with the legendary Commodore Amiga Home Computer.
In 1994, the project FACTOR-4 started performing tracks on different live events
in the regional area.

Time goes on and after stopping the project in 1995, it was in 2004 slowly re-animated.

FACTOR-4 was playing on many live events.

Acts on the German electronic festivals "Juicy Beats", "Ruhr in Love" or live acts @ "Versteck"

in Dortmund or the "Sleepless Afterhours" are only some marks in the whole history.

FACTOR-4 was officially resolved in April 2011 by ALEX TERZAKIS.


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by Stefan Keim & Didi Stahlschmidt


A book about the music history in Dortmund.

From the middle-age until now.

FACTOR-4 is very proud to be a little part of this nice book.



Some early- and rare releases of classic- and single projects.


Available releases by year: